URGENT! :) Need opinion on quality scope for .300wsm Savage 16 Weather Warrior....

Aug 18, 2003
Hi Guys,

New to this forum- what a good bunch of people here

I just decided on a long range starter rifle (semi-custom rifle to purchase at later date). It is the Model 16 Savage, Stainless steel, composite stock Weather Warrior, 24" barrel, weight 6.75 pounds in .300WSM.

I will use it to hunt (% of time):
Deer (mulies/WT):40%
Black Bear:15%
Bighorn Sheep: 10%
Caribou: 10%
Moose: 10%

Summary: Short range to long range animals across wide variety of terrain and hunting conditions.

Max range for my hunting (% of time):
0-300 yards: 75%
300-400 yards: 20%
400-600 yards: 5% (less than 2%>500 yards)

Summary: 95% of shots inside 400 yards, with occassional long shots up to MAX. 600 yards (under ideal conditions etc...)

Need rugged, preferrably silver and light weight (for 'mountain rifle'), scope, with W/E adjustments allowing for shots out to max. 600 yards (I think for all scopes below, W/E adj. get there, or holding very slightly higher on animal)

Which scope should I mount (out of list of 4 below)given:$budget$, my rifle, animals hunted and range:

1.Leopold Compact 3-9X 33mm Silver(Duplex)64"E/adj. (lightest, with most elevtion adj.)
2.VX-II 3-9X 40mm Tactical Matte(Duplex)56"E/adj.
3.VX-II 3-9X 40mm Silver (Duplex) 56"E/adj.
4.VX-II 3-9X 50mm Matte (Duplex) 56"E/adj.

Would you change your minds from list above if I were to add in (max. end of $budget$)?:
1.Vari-X III 2.5-8X 36mm Silver (Duplex)56"E/adj.
2.Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 Silver Finish, Plex Reticle 64"E/adj. also heaviest at 15 ounces

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate it. I will consider all of your opinions.

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For out to 600 yards the Zeiss with the TDS reticle(not the plex!)is going to be hard to beat. US$ cost is around $525 and that reticle is top notch not to mention the optics. comes with different stick on labels for drops for common bullet cartridge combos and blank labels for custom drops.

Also check out the IOR line witht he NP-8 reticle.

Thanks guys for the input- but you're not making my job any easier

The Zeiss that you mentioned, unfortunately, is over my initial budget (consider that I will use this rifle/scope combo for 1-2 years then buy a custom/semi-custom) -I don't want to overspend now, when I'll get first class later...

Hope you don't mind candor -- forget the Leupold VXII stuff, it's overrated, and a mediocre accuracy scope at best if you get one of the previous generation with the friction adjustments.

I'm a value buyer; best performance for money spent. If that's you too, then you owe it to yourself to look at Sightron, Weaver Grand Slam, and Bushnell Elite 3200/4200 stuff. All of them will cost the same or less than a VX2, and in my considerable experience are better scopes.

Save the flames, Leupold groupies, I have several of their Mark 4 and VX3 products, and love them. But the VX2 is not in the same league as the better Japanese optics. It's more accurate (pun intended) to compare the scopes mentioned to the VX3 line. One piece tubes, fully multicoated optics, positive click adjustments, and forever warranties. So what if the mfg. replaces a scope instead of repairing it? Either way, you get the problem fixed.

Of the group mentioned, I consider the Sightron 4-16x42 the best buy, because I have used one in competition in rain, mud, wind, dust, heat, cold and a couple of hunts in similar conditions, and it has never had a glitch. By FAR the most repeatable scope I have ever used. Dial in twenty minutes of elevation to shoot at 700 yards, dial back down to your 100y zero, and your shots are on top of the first group you shot there.

I might even have an extra one, as I saw one for a bargain price on another board, and figured somebody should buy it (and that if it had to be me, oh well). However, it's black matte. You *can* get the Sightron in a matte silver, and the scope weighs 16 oz. I don't think you will mind the extra magnification, and for the longer range shooting you describe, it will be to your advantage. Also, this particular scope has an adjustable objective, which I also think is a big advantage for longer range, precision shooting. Unless you'll shoot in heavy brush at short range, the 4x should be plenty low enough for closer in stuff.

The Sightron 4-16x42 has 56 moa of elevation, and if you get the mil-dot reticle, you can then use the dots for holdover. I do this when shooting past 800y, and it works.

Just my opinion, and worth what it cost.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not include the outstanding Nikon 'Monarch' if you are stuck on the 3-9x40 thing. Don't know if it's available in silver, but it is a better scope than the VX2, for less money. Want a matte black one? I've got one (surplus, considering I have five other Nikon scopes) new in the original box, never used in any way or even fondled, for $239.00 (US).

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CH if you look around some of the boards you might just find a good deal on a Ziess Conquest for the same money you would spend on a Lupy.
Nate Haler--do you have the Sightron for sale? If so, I'm interested, at least in finding out a little more from you about it. What's the best way to do that--email?

IOR 2.5x10 with Np8 reticule is a very clear scope and sale at good price

1/2 moa turret allow fast elevation set up for hunting

good shooting

Bounty Hunter, I also thought the TDS reticle was on just swarovski or kahles. I have been trying to find any info on a ziess scope with TDS but haven't had any luck. I would be interested in comparing it to the kahles before i buy. Do you know were i can look this up?
Jim B, sorry, but that 'extra' Sightron scope ended up going to a buyer who pleaded with me to allow him to purchase it (because I had no specific need for it at the time).

He did buy it, and then promptly placed it back on the boards and somebody else bought it.

Whatever... I'm still a huge fan of their products, and I think you will like using a Sightron scope if you get one.
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