Update on braked rifle bullets keyholing Part II


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Jul 30, 2004
Here is a quote of my previous update, would rather not bring the whole thread back up.

"Update on braked rifle, bullets keyholing


For those of you who read my previous thread about bullets keyholing from a newly acquired rifle, here is an update as I'd rather not bring the old thread back up to the first page.
The rifle was supposedly a 300 Ultramag and turned out to be a 338 barrel blank that was chambered with a 300 Ultramag reamer. After much stress and grief, I finally got in touch with the gunsmith who originally did the work (actually done by a person no longer employed by that gunsmith). He has ordered a 30 cal select match SS blank from Shilen as was originally intended for the rifle. He is going to rebarrel the rifle correctly and gave me assurances that he is personally going to do all the work. At this point, we are just waiting on the blank from Shilen. I'm certainly happy that there is a resolution in sight but I'll still be holding my breath until I actually get the rifle back in my posession and put a couple of hopefully tiny groups down range.
I'll update after I receive the rifle, should be 7 or 8 weeks on the blank according to Shilen.
Thanks for all the input on the previous thread.


Well, I finally got the rifle back from the gunsmith last week along with 3 fired cases and the receipt for the shilen select match 30 cal barrel blank. He chambered in in 300 Ultra Mag and installed the oversized lug that was supposed to have been on there. He installed and timed the brake properly.

I went to the range yesterday and fired 5 rounds cleaning in between each. Bore sighted and fired the first round and was pleased to see a round bullet hole in stead of a profile hole like before! Adjusted windage and elevation and fired the next 4 rounds. Shots 3, 4 and 5 went into a half inch cluster with shot 2 being below them for about 0.85" total at 100 yards. Not bad for the first load tried during the break in process. I believe this rifle will shoot. I was using 200 gr Accubonds as this is what I am going to launch at elk. The barrel is 28" and I am hoping for 3200 fps but will go by what the brass and chrony tell me.

This whole ordeal has taken the better part of 5 months and I'm glad that it appears to finally be over. The gunsmith was very helpful and appologetic and I appreciate his honesty. I am not going to mention his name but I will say that it is not one of the smiths who frequent or sponsor this site.

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