Unlimited Range rifle component set, reamers/gauges, tuner + for Sale

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Aug 11, 2009
Set or Part-Out of an Unlimited Range rifle component set, reamers/gauges, tuner +

SOLD (all) PRF

: Barnard GP with Barnard match trigger; Barnard 30 MOA, black, aluminum rail (missed in photo session); Barnard action wrench, and Barnard v-block (all brand new, perfect condition, never assembled into a complete rifle); 22mm socket for action wrench (Armstrong # 39-122D) - $2645 as part-out, shipping and purchase-price insurance included

Barrels (2): K&P, 416R, .500 bore/.510 groove, 2.00", straight cylinder, 1:11.8 twist, one will finish at 41-42" and the other at 42- 43"; both are threaded for the below-listed muzzle brake. NOTE: These barrels had been chambered once but the smith and I had a disagreement and he responded by cutting off about 2” of each at the breech end. I have every reason to believe that these barrels were perfectly machined/chambered prior to the reduction in length (work done by a highly regarded smith) and the reduction in length had no effect other than to reduce the length - $595 each as part-out, shipping and purchase-price insurance included (FINAL)

Muzzle Brake - K&P 2", 1-14 thread, with lock ring set (2 pcs) and pin spanner (Armstrong 34-207) - $325 as part-out, shipping and purchase-price insurance included (FINAL)

Tuner: Rifle Accuracy Systems/RAS, custom-developed for 2” barrels - $495 as part-out, shipping and purchase-price insurance included (FINAL)

Stock: McMillan "Super 50 BR", no inlet, with 5" wide front “shoe” & approximate 3" wide rear “shoe” (6" forward extension of front shoe), Edge CF tech, solid glass fill, 14" LOP (max), molded in solid black; custom 5” wide x 7.5” long, 6061 aluminum, rear over-shoe and associated attach hardware plus 5/16” 12-point socket (red) for rear over-piece cross bolt nuts (rear shoe not yet machined to accept this over-shoe); custom 1”x1”x6” long front rails. pair (side runners to go under the front shoe – front shoe not yet machined to accept these rails); BAT trigger guard (SS, 2-hole, polished and black Melonited/nitride) - $1545 as part-out, shipping and purchase-price insurance included

Brass: Lapua .50 BMG (4PH1200), 147 pcs, same lot, never fired, fully case-prepped (flash hole uniformed, primer pocket uniformed, interior flash hole deburred, trimmed to uniform length (approximately .030 short); plus the other 3 pcs from the same lot, un-prepped or length trimmed (for chambering check, they should NOT chamber, a California requirement) - $575 as part-out, shipping and purchase-price insurance included

Tooling: PTG, removable-pilot rough and finish reamers in .50 Oscar (a .50 BMG Improved cartridge), carbide w/ Quantum coating; set of (9) PTG pilot bushings plus PTG ranging rod; PTG .50 cal throater; PTG Go and No-Go gauges. The finish reamer was only used on the two barrels in this ad, otherwise never used. As I understand it, the rougher was never used - $695 as part-out, shipping and purchase-price insurance included (FINAL)

Stock overall length, as shown: 50.5” (approximate)

Stock weight, as shown: 19# (bathroom scale)

Expected performance data: While this is an unproven design, I fully expect that this cartridge, loaded with 795-802 gr bullets, and shot from this rifle-component-set, will have a muzzle velocity of 3050-3100 without excessive pressure (some flattening of primers). If the buyer is unable to reach that velocity, using compressed or near-compressed loads of RL 50 or VihtaVuori 20n29 powder, I will refund a portion of the purchase price (based on the magnitude of the shortfall).

Why I’m selling – moving on.

Price as a “set” - $5995 plus actual cost to ship (USPS ground, fully insured) - will need to be adjusted for any prior part out sale; check or MO only, I do not do PayPal or wire transfers. Before you gripe about the price, please take the time to price all this gear and find out the associated lead times. My cost for the above was north of $10K.

Transfer of the action must be conducted through your FFL, everything else can ship direct to the buyer. The FFL needs to e-mail me a copy of his license. After I confirm the FFL is current and that the FFL’s shipping address matches the ATFOnline database, and your check or MO clears my bank, I will promptly ship.

Please address detail questions to webmaster at elr-resources.com. Some sites have limited photo-posting. Serious buyers, please e-mail for more pics - please be specific as to what you are looking for. Thanks for considering purchase of this excellent gear.


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