trigger upgrade for TAC 15i


Feb 24, 2011
on the Tac 15i, not 15, can the trigger group be upgraded like on any AR? Any tips or recommendations. Thank You
Scroll throught the posts. There was a whole post on installing an aftermarket 3# Timney trigger. I installed one last year and like it. The factory trigger was crisp, but was too heavy for my taste.
The short answer to the question is Yes!

The Timney AR15 Trigger is one of the simplest high quality trigger available for an AR15 (TAC15/15i) crossbow.

Many trigger replacements for these crossbows will require some gunsmithing knowledge and work, but the Timney requires nothing other than a couple very basic tools and about 30 minutes start to finish.

Len and Andy sell them at standard manufactures pricing in the LRH Store on this website.


Jon Henry
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