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Damnation! That's a beaute!!! I'm so proud of you! And I'm soooooo green with envy! Now don't skimp on a taxidermist.

Incidentally, I found your comments about the frustrations of hunting game like moose and bear reflective of the very reasons why I've gotten to the point where I care little for hunting whitetail deer (i.e. if you do stumble onto them, it's practically in a literal sense).


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Trust me I use a very good taxidermist. He does real life like work. A true artisan.

Thanx for the compliment!

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And to think that you call that fun!

Congratulations on the great experience. I hope you get a chance to repeat it someday, especially along side your buddy.
****!! I guess there was more to that story!!

And I thought getting my last bear up at treeline was a bitch, you put that hunt in perspective!!

Congrats Michael!!
Oh, my muscles ache just reading this. I have hunted Dall's sheep in the Wrangell mountains and know a little of what you went through. Twice I was skunked when I had to quit hunting very early because of knee problems. Both were horseback hunts and the big, broad-backed horses loosened up my knee parts and then when I hiked they got dangerously sore so I had to quit.

I sure respect and envy what you did. Nice job!
Trust me! I dont want to repeat that hunt! It was rewarding, but.... Its awfull hard on a guys back and knees. I am starting to guide for sheep this up and coming august. I will have to get into MAJOR shape by then. Hopefully I will help some guys get some nicer ones and have even better stories to write.

Len, who was your guide? Also were you on the Nebesna side or the MCarthy side? Did you see ant sheep or better yet any rams?

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We hunted with Terry Overly, which side I don't know. We saw lots of sheep but no legal rams. My son continued hunting when I had to quit. He worked his butt off for 7 days, drew down on one ram at 550 yards. Not quite legal.
Very nice story Michael. What touches me is not the find of a this trophy animal but the greater find of a brother, Charlie. May you both live long and spend much time together.
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