long action

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Jul 11, 2002
Orange,TX U.S.A.
This is my new nitetime Coyote calling, Day time hog shooting trailer. Hope to drag it to a PD town one of these days.

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Long Action,

That's a neat looking trailer. You guys in Texas are lucky for getting to hunt like that.

The easiest way to clean up that post, is to simply go back to edit it, and erase all of the lines that say "[ 05-22-2003: Message edited by: long action ]"

You will still end up with one of them at the bottom of the post, but no one else will know how many tries it took you.

BTW, your email address doesn't work.

Thanks for posting the picture Long Action. I was logging in now to do a search since you mentioned it last night. After getting the hogs prepped, loaded, and to Hunters and Farmers Feeding the Hungry station, I was to wore out to look at the internet much.
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