Took the XP to the range


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Jul 30, 2004
I didn't have much time this morning but I wanted to shoot the XP 100 7mm08 and shoot my 7mm RUM with a new brake on it. I hadn't shot a specialty handgun for at least 15 years but I thought I would give it a try. Loaded up some 140 gr BT's and used some Hodgdon Benchmark powder. Bore sighted it and shot one group at 100 yards. There is definitely some muzzle flip but it wasn't unpleasant at all. I was quite pleased with the group shot off sand bags using a T/C 2.5-7x scope. It measured 0.68" at 100 yards. Hopefully that sort of group size will continue!

Shot one group with the 7RUM 700 LH as well. It was a bit tighter at 0.16" but that is with a rifle and a 6.5-20x scope. Dang, that rifle just flat shoots! With a factory barrel at that.
Went back out this morning and shot another 3 shot group with the XP. This one went 0.59" at 100 yds. Not bad for a nonbedded factory stock and factory tube using the first load I tried. I'd rather be lucky than good!
Those are great groups for the SP´s specially knowing you are just starting again at it. But I just loved that group you made with the rifle!!! awesome group. Congrats.
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