Finally got to play at mid-range with an XP


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
Steve was up for a couple of days. Just great getting together. Did some load development and some field shooting with the 6x47L XP-100 (McRee stock and the Huskemaw 5-20 scope).
Long story short did the load development with the SEB Rest and shot a couple of 4-shot groups @ 200 yards in the .4+ and .5+ range and then the following day we shot at 546, 730 and 799 yards (steel was 11" plates and on a rectangular 10"x20" plate at 799 yards).

The holes on my action must not be straight as I ran out of windage, so last night we used the Signature Zee rings (Burris) and corrected that. So when we (Steve, Jim & I) went out to set up steel my 6x47L needed to be sighted in all over again. I didn't want to waste time on Paper again so I boresighted on the 546 yard plate then dialed the approximate MOA ( I had guesstimated the MV) and was on in a couple of shots. Ran Exbal for 730 yards and again was very close (took three shots) to be on steel and then I had a nice 4-shot group that was in the 4" range with a 5th moving taking me to the 9-10" group-Silly wind
Never missed the steel once I got on. Can't say the same for the 799 yards plate. We had some screwy updrafts going up the hill. Jim was spotting the vapor trails and he could literally see the updraft move the bullet up. I have never seen that before, but he said it was cool. made a high percentage of shots on the plate but swtichy wind will humble you in a hurry.
Load is Using Hodgdon Hybrid V 100 and 105 A-Max's. That Lawton barrel loves those Amax's.
Steve and Jim shot as well. Fun couple of days for sure.
Shooting the McRee stock was great and if you have ever had a Kelbly trigger-Wow! And I thought I had it good with a Jewell.

Pic is at 730 yard target
Nice shooting Ernie and a great looking setup you've got there. Just think what you could have done if you had the rest of the barrel and stock.:rolleyes:

You keep posting stuff like this and it makes me want to get back into the short barreled game but, I've got enough to keep me busy as it is.

Looks like you've got a shooter. What do you think of the scope?
The Huskemaw scope is really nice.
I have been impressed with the total package. The owners manual was the most detailed I had ever looked at and then I watched the DVD-Incredible!
Everything that they have done is well thought out and the glass is really good. I am in the process of purchasing one for me to keep ( One I have is a loaner).
That was a fun day, ehh buddy?? Can't wait until June for the next go-round. Got a new camera too--yee haa!

Phenomenal pistol buddy, and nice optic i thought--especially the overall length--nice and short the way i like it for a walking hunter.
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