To the record books we go!!!



Just a little update on CJ's visit out west..

Here's how it wnet starting the night before.

CJ is out here with his family visiting his dad and trying to get in some trigger time and hopefully getting into the 1K club with the VHA.. so when his wife isn't begging him to do the tourist thing out here he's at my place working up loads for his new 6.5/284.. so we kinda got him a load that will work out to 1K and he was here until 12:30 am the night before loading 50 rounds to take to the dog town I keep a secret.

So we get up early to beat the mirage and were at the dog town by 8:30 a.m. it's cool and a little over-cast and there are only a couple of short dogs out ( under 200 yards ) CJ's Dad is with us so he knows we won't go after the short ones so he start banging away... he had much more fun after CJ got his rifle zeroed.....

Finally the sun starts to break though and I see some dogs out at 500.... CJ get the 22-250 ready and hammers afew at 500... ok got that outta the way... wind is a seady light breeze at 8 mph 1/4ing to us from the left so calling shots is pretty easy...

finally I see a dog at 1100... CJ gets the 6.5 ready and sends a few down range.... now keep in mind weare shooting at targets that are 2" wide and 9"s tall... (we are on a 100 foot hill over looking a dog town that stretches about 2 miles....)
Cj is all over this dog.. but never connects.. my calling of the shots sounds like this...
1st shot .. 1" right 6" high...( dial in a little better)
2nd shot 2" right 1" high
3rd shot 2" high
4th shot.. boom.. big puff of dust nd the dog flips backwards.. Cj looks like ya got him .. but he's still moving... wait there he goes ..( runs into a hole ) turns out he hit the dirt right under him...
5th shot 1" low and the dogs wears about 6" of dirt dug up from right beneath him.. and off he runs..... so close but so far away......
I finally see another about 1200... ok i sweet talk my foothills flatliner ( .308 ) and tell her to make me proud.

I punch in the data and CJ figures out the clicks.. ok 181 clicks up and dial in 12 clicks of wind...
CJ is calling the shots...
steady and exhale and booooommmmm...1st one is on the way....
2" right and 6" low... re-adjust
2nd shot .. 2" high... ( dog runs to another mound..) ok re-adjust
3rd shot 1" low...
4th shot 2" left.... ( **** wind )
5th shot big puff.... wait.... dust clears... **** he's running in the hole... thought i had one at 1200.. no such luck....

Hey CJ.. theres one at about 1050... CJ get the new 6.5 setup and down range go a few... CJ is literally shooting circles around this dog the first 10 shots were all within 2-5" of the dog...

last 5 sounded like this...

booom.. ( I'm calling the shots )
Cj ya parted his ears...
boom ya wiped his nose
boom ya wiped his butt...
boom ya dug his grave
boom.... wait .. wait ... right in the shoulder... wait he's moving.. wait .. wait he's dead ya got him!!!!!!

after is was all over we ranged from the dog to the benches... and came up with 1044 yards on a dog that measuered 2" by 8" the shot was exactly where CJ aimed right in the shoulder!!!!

I feel really good about our performance.. with alot of advice from DC ( for both CJ and I ) we were shooting not from concrete benches but from homemade portable benches ( actually got the legs from a friend of DC's)
and both our guns were shooting estimated groups of about 15" at over 1K form non bench guns we feel this was very acceptable and very accurate. Cj's load was just a quick load to get us out there. I think that if we would have spent more time fine tuning his load/gun he could have done it in half as many shots...
we both agreed that any Deer, Elk or antelope would have been dead on the very first shots outta the barrels.. Cj is good at doping the wind..

we ran out of time so I'll have to wait for another day for my 1K club patch.... but I shoulda had the dog.. I practice much more at 1K than CJ does...

we had a great time, just not enough time...

at the end we shot about 15 fire forming rounds apiece at a 5" rock at 600 yards in what was a 12 mph wind gusting to about 18 and we both hit it consitiently...

Cj's wild range finder worked like a charm!!!! gotta get me one!!!

*****If any one can post pics for me let me know. I'll send them to ya to post....****

Thanks for a great day CJ !!!!

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If you wrote that to create an air of intense jealousy, you did a wonderful job.

I wish we still had PD's down here in SE Arizona, but I guess I will have to content myself with Jackrabbits. I just wish they would hold still and give me the chance for a second shot.

Great shooting! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

I just wanted to post a sincere thanks for taking us out to the super top secret spot for a poke at the long dogs...My dad has shown that photo to everybody in town. I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up in the paper! Also thanks to DC, as I wouldn't have had my rifle in time if not for his help with advice and components for a dummy round.
If anyone on this board has a chance to come to Cody, give Ric a call. He is a great host and DNR Ranch is a super fine place to stay...Thanks to all, CJ.
Sounds and looks like you fellows had a great time. I knew you could do it.
Takes time, patience and practice.

Way to go.

I can just smell the burning powder from here and you know what that does to me.

Darryl Cassel
I wish I had them here also. We dont have any such animals cept yotes. Do any of you know where their are some good Dog towns east of the Mississippi?

Maybe Ill need to transplant some at the ole hunting camp.
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