Tikka Bottom Metal and Action Screw fitment issues


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Apr 19, 2020
New York
I just purchased a bottom metal and hardened action screws from Mountain Tactical for my T3X. I tried installing the parts on my MESA precision stock and immediately ran into some issues. I will preface this with, the factory bottom plastic fit snugly and the factory action screws fit good although not as much thread engagement as I would have expected. The mountain tactical bottom metal has some slop length wise and seems to be a hair short on the front not the rear. Not sweating it I tried to install the new action screws. The front screw has minimal thread engagement and the rear screw won't engage at all. I verified my recoil lug was properly seated into the action and tried again, no luck. I also noticed the factory and aftermarket bottom metals sit a touch proud, I'm not sure if this is a problem or not (see picture). What the heck is going on here, is this a stock issue or a combination of out of tolerance parts? I reached out to Mountain tactical this morning, I'm hoping they have good customer service. Mesa did include a set of action screws with the stock which are about a thread longer than factory and MT, the rear screw will grab but one thread of engagement is unacceptable IMO.


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When you compare screw length between old and new screws, is there a difference?

If both bottom metal sits proud in the stock it sounds like the inlet wasn't cut deep enough.
Yup. I'd try the new bottom metal and screws in your factory stock. If they fit well with n there, I'd ask mesa to fix the inletting
That's my thinking as well... The action screws provided by MESA are at most 1-2 threads longer than factory.
In a world of e-mails I'm glad I ended up calling MESA. They are going cover the shipping for me to send them the stock and ensure the inletting is accurate and adjust it as necessary.