1. G

    Tikka T3x super varmint or CTR

    I was debating buying either the CTR or ordering the new Super varmint in 6.5 CM, the super varmint is about $500 more and I would eventually drop whichever into an MDT chassis. Anything the super varmint has over the CTR that would make it worth it in your opinion?
  2. Lovellr653

    Tikka Bottom Metal and Action Screw fitment issues

    I just purchased a bottom metal and hardened action screws from Mountain Tactical for my T3X. I tried installing the parts on my MESA precision stock and immediately ran into some issues. I will preface this with, the factory bottom plastic fit snugly and the factory action screws fit good...
  3. D

    Tikka T3X Laminated Stainless

    Excellent condition Tikka T3X laminated stainless 308 with Leupold bases and rings and a Leupold VX3I 3.5-10X40 scope. I have the box and docs for the rifle and the scope. Comes with two mags. $1100.00 shipped and insured to your FFL from a non FFL. Listed elsewhere. Payments accepted: Venmo...
  4. HeathGT

    Factory Tikka Magazine