mountain tactical

  1. In_Him

    280AI Barreled Action

    Hello Everyone, Further downsizing as I gravitate towards a switch barrel off one single action. This one is a 280 Ackley Improved built on a Tikka Stainless action and a CarbonSix barrel with a variety of Mountain Tactical goodies. I have about 30 rounds through it. I hate to get rid of it...
  2. In_Him

    Custom Tikka 300WM (Tons of Carbon)

    Hello All, Full disclosure, I have the stock up for sale as well. Whichever sells first, I will take down the other. Maybe folks would rather have the full gun? Action - Tikka Stainless Steel Stock - AGComposite Alpine Hunter Sage Camo Sling studs Two QD cups on the left side Bedded Barrel -...
  3. Lovellr653

    Tikka Bottom Metal and Action Screw fitment issues

    I just purchased a bottom metal and hardened action screws from Mountain Tactical for my T3X. I tried installing the parts on my MESA precision stock and immediately ran into some issues. I will preface this with, the factory bottom plastic fit snugly and the factory action screws fit good...