Thinking of trading my X-Bolt Medallion


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Jul 18, 2011
I was hoping to get some opinions on this; hopefully I can get some guys to weigh-in!

I have a Browning X-bolt Medallion in .300 win. It is a fantastic looking rifle, and the quality definitely shows with the smooth bolt and fancy wood/ finish. The only downside is that I am not 100% happy with the accuracy. I can get right around 1"MOA @ 100 yards with it, but that's about it. I am very seriously thinking of trading/ selling it and buying something else.

I get that some people would argue that 1" MOA is perfectly acceptable (especially Chuck Hawks). But for some reason I have this constant urge to find something more accurate. It drives me to the point of insanity, but I want a rifle that I will feel comfortable shooting out to 500 yards accurately with and I just don't have the confidence in this rifle! Even after months of shooting!

I have had some AMAZINGLY accurate Savage rifles that I have traded (I always found a rifle that looks better and traded them; DOH!) and I am reall thinking about getting what I can out of this and either getting a Savage 116 in 300 win or a Savage 114 in 300 win.

Any opinions on this? Anyone else have a similar situation?

old goat

Aug 10, 2012
did you try different brands and bullet weights? my 300 win mag in browning ss likes the hornaday 180 spire point interlock, wouldn't group with federal premium or winchester, all 180 grain. recoil is little heavy with 300 which could affect your groups, plus have you adjusted the trigger pull? i have 3 a-bolts and they all shoot less than 1 moa. my 7mm likes about anything, 270 likes 140 grain btsp hornady's. all my a bolts needed trigger lightened up. my 257 wby mag had the worst trigger of any gun i've owned even my remingtons, replaced with timney before i went Wyoming this year.
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