Things You Can Learn From A Rock


Mar 6, 2008
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Things You Can Learn From A Rock

Things You Can Learn From A Rock
By Darrell Holland

We’ve all heard the statement; “Dumber than a Rock”! Yeah, what can one learn from a rock, it’s a solid mass of particulate that is verbally unresponsive to any question presented.

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Downloading intel from a rock is not complex. I use a 12 volt battery charger, I-phone and a direct link via SAT-COM D-5 direct download from Verizon. Adding a FLUX capacitor speeds...

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Jan 12, 2012
Great article. I agree with you on African game. When I was there had a similar experience with a black wildebeest. I hit him at about 450 yd a bit far back (later to find out I nailed the liver dead on) with a 220 gr out of a 300 WIN Mag. He too ran back into the heard and we ended up chasing them for about 3 miles and 4 hours before I hit him again right behind the shoulder which took out his leg but he he kept on until a 250 yd heart shot.

One thing to note about shooting rocks.... is that when in Africa I found that all the long range shooting created a mental block at close animals and I actually shot over a Kudu that was about 60 yds out.

Since then I have varied my shooting between long and short to keep my mind sharp in identifying distance changes and remind me that sometime you get lucky and an animal just walks out in front of you.


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Jun 13, 2017
Great article. Shallow wind angles and complex terrain are beyond tricky despite the lr marketing