The outback party

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    Oct 26, 2013
    A young agricultural graduate takes a job as manager on a remote outback station, for weeks his only company are his cattle dog and the cows (give or take 10 million flys).
    One day he gets a phone call from his nearest neighbor 50 milesaway.

    "Guday mate howyagowin"? "Im planning a party, de ya fancy coming"?

    "Well yes I'd be delighted" says the young chap.

    "Therell be a lotta beer, can ya hold ya beer mate"?

    "Oh yes I certainly can".

    "Seein as there's beer there ll be a bit of fightin too, can ya hold ya own mate?

    "I had a blue in boxing at Oxford"

    "Good ta hear, an I should tell ya there ll be lotsa sex, is that alright with you mate eh?

    "Oh absolutely, fine by me, but what should I bring? Ive got a carton of cake in the freezer"?

    "Nah mate dont worry, there ll only be the two of us"
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    Jul 29, 2004
    Now that's just wrong.(I laughed anyway)