The most important election for the 2nd Amendment

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    In a few days the fate of our Second Amendment rights will be determined. If both houses of Congress are lost to the anti 2nd Amendment side then we are in for a rough few years and it will be difficult if not impossible to repeal the damage done. The other side has had two draconian pieces of anti-firearm legislation, HR 5103 and HR 5087, just waiting till they can take control. 99% of the sponsors of these two bills are Democrats. If they get both houses of Congress then there is a strong likelihood of these two bills passing. They have said that they wish to place extreme restrictions on our Second Amendment rights and it is a part of the Democratic party's national platform.

    One of the many things that the other side is eager to do is to impeach the President. They have said so on every occasion offered to them. If they have the numbers in both houses to do so, how likely is it that he will resist their agenda? Even if they don't go for impeachment from the start.

    If they control the House (which is looking more likely) does anyone here think we have a chance at getting suppressors deregulated?

    Prior to the events of last week and this weekend (fake bomber and synagogue shooter), it was looking like the pro-gun side was gaining momentum and the likelihood of losing even one house of Congress had diminished. Well, that momentum may be gone now and the media is going to use these two events for all they are worth to demonize the Republicans. So now it is truly up to us to get out and vote and get every firearm owner we know to vote for the side that will NOT ban our firearms.

    So get out and vote like your rights and the rights of your children depend on it, because this time they do.
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    After election alert, georgias anti gun governor candidate defeated by a small margin