The good, bad and the ugly. What’s your story?


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Dec 8, 2019
New Brunswick Canada
Not a comment on the iconic Clint Eastwood movie but rather how I felt during my recent visit to my local gunsmith.

FINALLY, was able to travel to drop off my Bergara to receive its customized Walther 6mm Stainless Steel barrel.
FINALLY, He allowed me to purchase some reloading supplies from his private stock. I’ll finally get some RL-17/19 powder and Remington 7-1/2 primers.

The BAD:
Wouldn’t you know it I only bought $400 (the deposit for the barrel work). Finally have an opportunity to get some unicorn dust and I have no MORE cash and he runs a cash only business.

Well..What would your mood be for the rest of the day knowing you missed out on reloading supplies. Yep 1 hour drive home with no gas station/ bank machine til I’m basically back home.

hopefully I’ll be able to get back there today or next week. Man I’m actually still ugly over this. Oh well.
One good thing about being fat and ugly all your life is no one can say......" he sure has gotten fat and is ugly now". At my last high school reunion I was voted, hasnt changed since school. Not sure if that is a compliment or then just saying I an still fat and ugly......I'll call it a win
Would the smith' not hold the powder for you until you come back to pick up the finished rifle?
His policy is 1 day. However I have an update. I made it down last evening with a wheelbarrow full of cash; he actually was home too. I was able to get 1 pound of RL-17/19, H322, H4831, and IMR 3031. A Brick of Remington 7-1/2, Fed 205m,210m and 1/2 brick of CCI BR2. 1 box of Berger 6mm 95gr Moly bullets, Sierra 90 Mk’s. Was an expensive day so..

Good. Got reloading supplies

Bad. I’m broke and can’t afford the fuel to go to the range. Cost nearly $800

Ugly. Got home and realized all this stuff if NEW OLD STOCK. the powder is from 2009. The primers from 2012/13.
Long as it was stored decently - it all should be fine. Glad to hear you did get stocked, sorry to hear he got all your money
The RL powder seems good. Seals seem intact cardboard container not defective.


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The phone is your friend and looking at your bank book helps every once in a while. One hour? That's nothing. I travel longer than that everything I need groceries, hardware, tires, etc., etc., etc. See, it's not so bad after all.