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Nov 3, 2004
I am wanting to buy a new rifle in a Lazzeroni .284,.257 or the 6.5x284,6.5x300,6x300 can anyone tell me wich is the best where i can see the ballistics and who can build the rifle for me please tell
Ok I will try to help here with a few questions 1. what do you plan on using the rifle for 2. How far are you intending to shoot and what size game. 3. Where are you located there are a lot of good gunsmiths out there and I would look for one close to your aria. Bruce Bear Dwight Scott Dave Tooley are a few that I use.
Crow Mag

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I want an all around gun for north america but not for bear and moose. I live in north eastern south dakota. i would like a 1000 yard rifle but i dont plan on taking game at that distance for out to the 500yd for deer so i want a good amount of energy and maybe a few coyotes in there but just mainly deer and competion but not serious competion because thats a whole diffrent game thanx for reply Crow Mag
6.5-284 is arguably THE 1000yard caliber.

6.5mm bullets have high cross-sectional density and great penetration. 500yards no problems. good hunting

I have 4 6.5/284 for 1000 yard competition. If I were hunting with the 6.5/284 I would use a 8 or 9 twist and 28" barrel and shoot the 140g class bullet. I would also consider the 7mm WSM and the 300 WSM with fast a twist barrel. As for ballistics there is a ballistic program that you can access online

Crow Mag
For deer 500yds and in, the 6.5-284 or the 6.5-06 are superb. You can also use the 270 but that's pretty boring (I am about to become boring). If you want a bit heavier bullets, then the 280 and improved versions are fun.

For new fad, the 7WSM, 270WSM get my nod. If you believe speed above all, 25STW and similar are fun.

I am not a fan of the 30cal unless you can launch 210 and heavier bullets. That would make that rifle heavier then necessary or need a muzzle brake. Also, way more gun then needed for the intended ranges and game.
a simple 300 Wea without weatherby throat can deliver both very good accuracy at 1K and over and deliver a nice quantity of enregy with Scirroco bullet or Nosler bullet

without 2 $ case as Lazzeroni and without 150 $ set of die ...

good shooting

I notice we are supposed to be considering a Lazzeroni chambering?

A question of my own. Why not much current interest in this series? Proprietary brass, unremarkable design....15 minutes of fame time limit, what?

Aside from that, I see a 280 Remington or Ackley as a practical solution. The 6.5s have no sex appeal; for me.

Good hunting. LB

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I am going to answer the Topic question. "The Best long range caliber". It would be a .338 shooting the 300g SMK at over 3000 fps. This would take one of the large cases like the 338 Lapua 338/416 or the 408/338 and all imp versions

Crow Mag
My .277 is good and my 7mm STW was built as a 1000 yard gun.

My next project because i don't have the money to step up to the .50 cal plate is going to be .338 probably a Lapua and it will have a 32 inch stainless 1.250

I already have both my guns in 1.250 in the bench rest so they are legal for competition.

For coyotes and deer the 250 or 275 should take them out.
My next hunting rifle will be a 7mm Mag because i have a large enough quantity of Norma brass to wear out two barrels. If that weren't the case it would be a 7mm bullet stuffed in a 300WSM case (little more powder capacity and better quality brass). More than capable enough to kill elk at 500 yards.

Almost Exactly what I said Crow Mag. The .338 Lapua. With a 32 inch barrel and quality M -Brake to launch those 300 grain bullets from the prone position with a bypod.
I'm gonna agree with Jerry on the 6.5-06 , here is my reason.
1)deer being the largest game and being shot
at under 600yds
2)low recoil as compaired to down range thump
3)good brass and simple to load , getting the 30-06 Lapua brass and running it through the 6.5-06FL die and your done
4)a huge selection of great bullets

The Nosler #5 book says that you can get 2800fps+ out of a 24" barrel , I'm guessing that these numbers are conservitive and if you go with a 26" tube you should be able to get the 140gr bullets real close to the 3000fps mark. And I would think that a 96gr V-max or 107gr SMK would make a realy nice thump on your coyotes if they were launched at 3500fps or so
Hi I would get a 7mm Remington ultra mag eithr a sendero or a LSS and shot a 150 gr XBT barns bullet at 3400 ft per sec. BC of .529. You will fine if you compare this combination to anything else it will be very hard to get something better for that price. Sighted 2 inches high at 100 yards your zero wuld be 280 and be 3 inches low at 330 yards. Your energy at 600 yards is 1810 and thats good power. Dan
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