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    Jul 16, 2007
    I just wanna say thanks to LEUPOLD, I sent 2 older scopes in to have turrets installed and "refurb" 4x12x40 AO vx-II EFR and 6.5x20x40 AO VXIII EFR. Both scopes OLD, and I wasn't using them. Called LEUPOLD, asked what to do and they said send 'em in, "refurb" would be covered under warranty, and 119.00 (each scope) for windage and elev. turrets. Sent them in 7/1/13, rec'd 'em 7/8/13, so, for $240.00 bucks I have 2 more good scopes to use. Guess that's why I have used LEUPOLD for so long.