Well I'm sorry to here that... What kind of test did you fail????

Oh I didn't fail a test. It was just a little test with a 1 hour time limit to see if Buffalobob was alert today.

Buffalobob...roughly 2 hours...come on you I know you can do better than that:)
I was busy trying to find a place to shoot some pigs this spring. Its been a few years since I shot any and I thought it would be fun to go again.

Sorry about the lax supervision. :D
Pigs and spring sounds like fun. Heard you guys got hammered with the snow and some have lost power...how are you fairing? I guess you atleast have power unless your on a backup generator and typing. Last time I was in a blizzard was NY 81...maybe 82...don't miss it glad to say. Heard they had 32" out at Dulles. Stay warm and take care.
We have power and hopefully the roof will not collapse. WE are scheduled to get five more inches on Tuesday and Wednesday. I have been very busy supervising my daughter.




Boy do those pics bring back memories. What are those two ramp looking things by the two front windows?
The basement windows are below grade and there are window wells. To keep water out or the window well I have plastic covers over them. To protect the plastic wells which cost about $20 a piece, every time it snows very much I put a piece of plywood over them so the snow from the roof does not land on them and break them. If there is a big snow like this the snow can actually break through the plastic and then knock out the window panes and wind up in the basement. Then one has a lot of work to do.
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Much like other places including Idaho, there are a lot of invasive plants here that do not belong. The question will be how the native plants and the invasive plants survive the prolonged snow cover and come springtime whether the natives will be able to reestablish some lost ground.

We had a good crop of acorns this year and there are a lot of squirrels but there were not so many fawns as usual because of a poor crop of acorns last year. I expect we will see a big winter kill of animals and birds which is rare for us.
Bob, that snow looks like a "heart attack" to me, so be careful, or is that why you are supervising your daughter? :D Now you know the answer to your query................of course only the invasive plants will survive. That's Murphy's law! Take care, and be careful
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