tasco super sniper scopes?

Dr. John

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Apr 11, 2002
anyone try the tasco super sniper scopes? from articles I have read they appear to be a great scope with an inexpensive price.

I did a bad thing today. went to a local gunshop and looked at 2 senderos. one in 300 win mag and the other in 300 ultra mag. both used and in as new condition. what to do, what to do?

I am getting closer to getting that long range rig. trying to make it more affordable each time. other scopes I looked at are the 6.5x20 leupold long range, 35x leopold target. would starting with the super sniper in 20x be a bad move or should I just spend alot more on the leupold?
I had a Tasco SS, I orginally bought the 20x but didn't like the recticle or the resolution. I exhanged it for the 10x, better resolution and recticle but the turrets were way mushy and my particular one didn't hold zero very well. I sold it and bought 2 Bushnell 3200 10x40 Tacticals. I love 'em both. They track like the bigger more expensive scopes but for a fraction of the cost. They hold zero, I have one on my 338 Reminton Ultra Mag, and the other one is on my Ultra Mag 50 bmg. I haven't had any problem with either on. In my opinion they are way better than the Tasco. Of course you could save your pennies and get the Leupold, and either way you would be getting a better scope the the Super Sniper. Good luck!!
Try the search function on the board. This comes up pretty regularly.

Short version: some people do like them, some don't. They are not a Leupold Mk IV, nor a USO, nor a NightForce. But for the money, they are reasonably clear and bright, tough as heck, butt-loads of windage and elevation adjustment (110MOA in the 10x model), and usually very repeatable. The 'mushiness' can be eliminated in some cases.

Like I said, do a search, read the various views. I think they are fine (I'm actually looking to get another, a 16x or 20x), others (some of whom have actually *used* them) wouldn't touch them w/ a 10 foot pole.



***Note*** Before people get up in arms about that last bit, if you've used the scopes and don't like them, fine. I just get irritated w/ those that give me a long list of what's 'wrong' w/ the scopes when they have never used one. If the shoe fits wear it.
Milanuk- I agree whole heartedly with you.
Most people that I know that have them really like them.(Tasco Super Sniper) I could be wrong but the Navy Seals don't have any problems hitting anything with them either!!!

Good to hear you like 'em too. But the Navy Seals thing... I can't remember the specifics, but I think that the Tasco and one other may have qualified, but I'm not sure the teams ever actually ended up using the scopes. The whole thing was supposedly over a rumored ceasing of production of the Leupold Mk IV's, which apparently never happened. As much as I like the SS scopes, if I had Uncle Sugar's $$$ and mission requirements, I'd probably opt for a Mk IV or something similar.


Milanuk-I just bought a 8.5-25x50 LRT Leupold this past summer. Well to say the least their optics aren't what they used to be!!!
I was also considering the Leupold 8.5-25.....anyone else feel that the optics on them have gone downhill over the years?
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