Tasco Super Sniper 10x42 & 10x42M (side focus)


Jun 18, 2004

I need a new mid-quality fixed 10x scope. I have narrowed my choice to two:
1. Tasco SS 10x42 mil dot for 299 USD at SWFA,
2. Tasco SS 10x42M mil dot with side focus for 399 USD at SWFA.

I have read that these scopes are of good quality (true?) but I am curious about few things:

1. Is there any difference between these scopes regarding optics quality, repeatability, zero holding, clickiness of adjustments, reticle shape, smoothness of operation? I mean anything but parallax/focus adjustment. Do both of these scopes have glass etched reticles?

2. What is the optics quality in these scopes? I have read it is sufficient for serious shooting, but it really is so subjective that I need somewhat more precise description. I own Leupold 4,5-14, Zeiss V 6-24x56 T* several Schmidt und Benders (hunting with no A/O), have seen Bushnell Elite 4200, Weaver V16 and other mid priced stuff. Does the SS 10x42 (or 10x42M if there is any difference in image quality) compare anyhow to the mentioned scopes? Which one is the closest regarding optics?

3. Is the external surface finish rather pleasant to eye or is it rather rough and ugly? I dont want poorly finished scope on any of my rifles.

4. Is the SS 10x42 and 10x42M worth 299 and 399 USD respectively?

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if you are looking at a s.s. you need to read the review by mike miller at the snipershide web site its very good and should answer all your questions.i have 2 s.s. one 10x with side parallex adj. and a 20x std. rear focus and in their price range i've found nothing better .but you should read the review as mr. miller is much better qualified than myself.hope this helps GM
I really like these scopes. I wouldn't spend the extra money for the side focus. No real benefit in the field. The few I compared, the rear focus had better optics.

Optically, the Tasco's are like the Leupolds. Not as good as the Bausch&Lomb 4200 or Nikons. Certainly good enough for field work.

They are repeatable and durable scopes. A bit heavy. Lots of elevation adjustment. A good deal.

Another to consider is the Bushnell 3200 10X. A very good scope despite the low price. Very good optics and superb knobs (like them better then the tasco). The reticle is a true mil-dot. Compact and light too.

I've got one of the 'early' (1998) SS10X42's and then a newer (2004) SS16X42. Both great scopes so far. I've steered away from the side focus as I've heard a little bit of negative about it not being quite the scope the regular model is, but not much in the way of specifics. Looking at getting either another SS16x42 or a SS20x42 in the next year or so.

I don't have any experience with the 10X but do have the 20X on my long range rifle. Bought it just before season last year due to another scope's failure. Sighted it in, did some shooting to 450 to verify drop chart vs. scope adjustment and went on to make 4 one shot kills. Have shot it extensively through the summer on ground hogs to a little over 800 yards. Like everyone else I have not had any trouble and love the scope. Definately the best 299 I've spent in this endeavor.
I am considering one of these for my savage 10fp in .308. My only concerns are in regards to the versatily of a straight 10x. I personally like the idea and usually leave my scopes cranked all the way up anyway. I just wonder how difficult it would be to make a shot at 50 yards or less if the opportunity presents itself. I suppose I didn't buy a varmint weight rifle to hunt brush and can always blast them with my mosin if I want to hunt timber.
To answer your question, the best solution would be to go to the range and shoot at 50 and 100 yards to see and know the difference. Just like long range hunting, close range hunting should only be done only after you have done your homework! Practice and know where your bullet is going to hit, before ever taking a shot at a live target.
Oops, by "cranked up" I meant the magnification. Sorry, I'm fairly new to the terminology and forgot that cranked up applied to elevation. My concern is with field of view and ease of finding the deer. Many people say its difficult to use a 10x at short range and I wonder how handicapped I would be by using a strictly 10x scope. I think however, that it really comes down to my interest revolving more around shooting than hunting. I want a fun rig to shoot and if it'll take deer too, that's great!!
I was seriously considering one of these right up until I looked through one at my local range.

I've been shooting with Leupolds for ten years now- 6.5-20x40, 4.5-14x40, 3.5-10x40 and 8.5-25x50.

I finally put together a rifle and load accurate enough to do the shoot around test(0, up 4, right 4, down 4, etc.) and my 8.5-25x50 passed with flying colors.

At the range just last weekend a guy had a SS on his AR-15. I asked to look through it as I was considering trying one. It just didn't have the clarity I've become used to with leupolds.

I've checked multiple boards and everyone who has one likes it. It may be a great $300 scope, and if that's what you're limited to, by all means, buy one. If you can afford the Leuopld though, spend the extra money.
Funny you should say that. I've had the Leupold 6.5-20x50 and 8.5-25x50 LR/T scopes, and had about the same impression of them as you do of the SS. Most people who have looked thru mine think that they were surprisingly clear.

You're somewhat right... for $300 I don't expect it to be perfect, or 'better' than a $700-1000 scope. But considering what I can get for $300, I'd expect a hell of a lot more for $700-1000 than I think we are currently getting.

To each their own.

Seen it. Guess I should clarify that to where it would have to be reasonably guaranteed to be from the same company made to the same standards. Kind of doubt that is (it's a 4-16, anyway).



I did the alpha testing 4 years ago and the beta testing last year.

The gaurantee as I understand it is 30 days money back, 2 year replacement, and after that lifetime we fix it if you break it. Better warranty than the SS. glass is so good that during Beta test a guy with a very expensive Euro scope offered to trade plus cash for the test unit I was trying unsucessfully to break.
Intriguing. I may have to look into it a bit more. Any chance of them coming out w/ a 6-24 or 8-32x w/ a decent amount of elevation (~60+ MOA)?


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