Tasco 3 Turret Sniper Scopes



I heard that Tasco was contracted out and are again making the good quality sniper scopes. Does anyone have a contact for buying one? My 13 year old has it bad!!! Thanks for your help! Good Shootin'
SWFA.com has been the place to go for the last few years to pick these scopes up. I had thought that Tasco was still tit up, but anothe company (Bushnell or Hakko?) had been contracted to continue production.

At any rate, check them out here. Try doing a searc on the board here for SS10x42 or SS10X42M, which are the model numbers of the rear and side focus respectively.

LOTS of threads on snipersparadise.com as well including quality of the product throughout the evolution of production manufacturers.
Tasco originally contracted for a company in Japan (NOT Hakko) to make the Super Snipers. When Tasco went under, SWFA bought the rights to the Super Sniper, and the same company in Japan is still making them for SWFA. So, SWFA is the only place to get one now. It's explained by SWFA in this thread.
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