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May 30, 2020
FYI I ended up buying the Longshot Camera system , the LR3 two mile version. It comes in a hard, Pelican type case, which is nice. It was almost fully charged so it only took about 15 minutes to get it fully charged. The manual was outdated, it tells you to download the old app which is not supported. Maybe the system I got was at the distributor for a while and that is why it had an old manual.

Set up easy, I used it at 500-1000 yards today and had zero problems. I ran it about 4 hours straight and it was still going when I turned it off. I never used most of the features, just wanted to see where I was hitting at 1000 yards. We started at 250, moved to 650 then 1000 and it worked great. I would like for the tripods to be a little more substantial but they worked with no issues. It was a worthwhile purchase and I would recommend it.