Taking meat home….airplane

There is a motel in Anchorage that has a big walk in freezer the guests can use. I put my meat and insulated military duffel in there overnight until my flight the next day. Everything was frozen solid. The motel also took me over to F&G to register my ram and took me and my bags to the airport. Meat was still frozen when I arrived back home 9 hours later.
Doesn't save an ounce of weight...until the next bowel movement! It's just packed Tighter!
I've always heard that introduction of an invasive species can degrade the integrity of a local ecosystem. In this case the resulting birth of a 2 foot chocodile would be highly unwelcome to the local fauna. 😂😂😂
My hunting group just flew from kodiak island with 11 boxes of deer meat, antlers, capes and ducks. Froze it all while we were there in boxes. Then just checked them as luggage. Was expensive but worked great.
You can bring meat back in a carry on or checked or ship.
I've filled up my carry on and backpack with frozen meat. You don't even need to be completely frozen just as long as it's sealed in a bag. If not totally frozen then wrap it in your clothing.
Most hunts you will have two checked bags (gear bag plus weapon) I alway put glass and heavy stuff in my carryon and backpack flying to the hunt. On the way back you can put glass spotter and heavier items in your weapon case.
Then put your lighter bulky items in your checked bag. That creates room in your carryon and backpack for dense meat.
By moving stuff around in your bags you can bring back smaller deer and sheep meat without paying for another bag. Then ship horns.
Or you can do waxed fish boxes which are awesome.
I have the meat after froze solid in two cardboard boxes One inside the other Came from Montana Meat still solid Was able to ship more because no cooler weight