Tagged out in Ohio!


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Mar 27, 2010
N.W. Ohio
After taking a nice buck, I thought I'd try filling my doe tag from the ground. I found a nice blown down tree to hide inside of, next to a logging trail that I spread a few apples along.

I wasn't in the ground blind more than 25 minutes when a large doe came walking up the logging trail and started feeding on the apples. At first, I thought she was going to eat the entire daypack full of apples. Eating one after the other and taking her time moving up the trail, she lollygagged for 20 minutes before deciding to move on.

She was walking from left to right, then she stopped right in front of me (at about 12 yards) and decided to go back the way she'd came. I came to full draw, peered around the tree in front of me and she was 6 yards away. As she walked off, she started angling away...at an extreme angle. I was thinking that I'm going to have to put this arrow just in front of her left rear leg to get in under the rib cage, to hit the vitals. At the release of the arrow, she bucked up, kicking her rear hooves and ran off. I watched her make a short run, hook to the right and stop, just out of sight.

I knew the shot was good and took up the trail immediately. No blood for 40 yards, then profuse blood and it became heavier and heavier. Soon I was finding blood puddles, corn, apples, dark blood, bubbly blood...I was seeing it all. After about 110 yards, there she was, with the arrow protruding from her brisket.

The only vital organ that I didn't hit was her right lung. The broadhead entered the front of her left rear leg and exited just ahead of her right front shoulder. The broadhead was a Fuse Banshee and it was like new condition. I'll be using these broadheads again. :cool:

This was on October 31st and the first time I've been tagged out, in October.

Good hunting, Bowhunter57



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