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Mar 23, 2005
I bought this on a whim this summer (Len helped). I already have a 7Dakota, and have decided I would like to invest in another project instead of having two.

This is a Tikka M658 in 7Dakota. Stock is a McMillan HTG. The Tikka action has been blueprinted and is an extremely rigid platform. The factory trigger has been very nicely tuned to a crisp two lbs. The barrel is a 27" #8 Krieger, 1 in 8.6 twist. Darrel Hollands radial port muzzle brake, two detachable mags, and a custom picatiny rail complete the package. Weight is 11.5 lbs.

This is a used, well mantained rifle, with a brand new barrel. Guaranteed to shoot .5 MOA or better, expect better!!

This is a superbly acurate, very stable, very comfortable, easy to shoot rig! The cartridge and rifle make 1000 yards feel like one hundred. 1500 yards or more is a reality.

At $1800 this is a full custom for the price of components alone!!

Just by the looks of it I would say that's a Bartlein barrel? Correct me if I'm wrong.( this might be my once a year:D)
Funny guy. I guess you got a good look when you took it out of the box from Bartlein. Thanks. I got CRS, Cant Remember S..tuff.
I'm impatient! Any reasonable offers considered! It's gotta go!