Swarovski AV with TDS Reticle


May 28, 2015
Hi Guys,
I am looking to buy either a 4-12 X 50 or a 3-10 X 42 AV with the TDS Reticle, if you have one or can help me find one, please let me know.
Thanks very much,
The current Z3 models have the same optics and internal mechanics as the old Habicht AV models. The BRH reticle comes closest to the TDS.
I did look at that reticle, but it has more lines than the TDS. I guess it would work but the TDS happens to fit my 6.5 Creedmore's perfectly. 130gr Sciricco @ 2980 is dead on at all ranges from 100 to 500, just shoots there, no questions. May have to try it though if can't find another TDS.
Thanks for your help.
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