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Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by orkan, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. orkan

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    Jun 11, 2010
    We got a whole pile of suppressors in yesterday. With piles more on the way. Cans are in good supply. We got about 20 suppressors in, I was just too lazy to drag them all out of the safe for a picture. Lots more already pending Form 3.

    YHM Titanium QD 5.56 - $850
    YHM Titanium QD 7.62 - $950
    Huntertown Arms Guardian 22 - $175
    Gemtech Alpine 22 - $400


    These YHM titanium cans are friggin sweet. Super light weight, and rugged as hell. Magnum rated to boot. The attachment method is pretty good on the YHM's. I've never had one of these shoot loose. Ever. Repeatable cans that return to zero very well. Titanium means light weight, and it won't retain heat either. We're selling more of these than any other suppressor. They are readily available and carry a very good price for the quality of product.

    Give me a call and GET YOU SOME! 605-554-1911




    South Dakota residents can come direct to us. We'll have your Form 4's ready in less than an hour, with pictures attached and ready for you to get your local LEO to sign off. We can also run you down to the Beadle Co. Sherrifs office for fingerprinting. They charge $25 fee for that. Those of you outside of South Dakota, we can ship it to your preferred dealer in your state.

    If you are gonna shoot, Shoot suppressed! It's as good as new years resolution as any!