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Nov 28, 2003
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I know from reading most of you love the Leupolds and Niteforce but I ran into an interesting dilema a week before deer season. The scope I had been using decided to go junk. I had a short amount of time and cash so I ordered a 20X super sniper. After one season with it, I can say it is a super deal for what you pay for it. We shot 4 whitetails with it at 530,680,733,and 742 yards in varying conditions. (ie, 12 to 40 degree temps, varying wind, snow, etc) The cliks are perfectly repeatable, the image is crisp. The only thing I would change would be the cross wire thickness. It's a little heavy for varmints but worked well on deer. Maybe someday I'll spend the money but right now I'm loving it.

I have one of these SS20x on my McMillan MCRT tactical rifle. This scope "aint" junk like you say,I agree. They have the Navy Seal contract. With 120 MOA of elevation and clear and bright as any USA built scope, it makes for a great deal. To Nato specs. Crosshairs, aren't as heavy as some but still heavier then I think they should be. The reticle is engraved in the glass and the scope is very heavy built.

For the money, it is amazing. Check out the reviews at, these folks don't mess around, they ring them out, and still gave it a great rating.

Regards, Vern

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Anybody looking for one of these, I have an extra in 16x. Rear parallax adjustment, target knobs, mildot etched glass reticle, as made several years ago. Been sitting in a cabinet, is "as new" but don't have the original crummy box they came in. Lens covers (factory type w/amber lenses) included.

$279 shipped in USA. If you want a set of Leupold brand Rem 700 2-pc bases and rings (Redfield type), the price will be $309 shipped. These scopes have so much internal elevation, you don't need a tapered base unless you'll be shooting some ways past 1,000y!

3 day inspection no problemo. Don't want anybody to be unhappy w/something they bought from me.

Selling because I have WAY too much stuff, and not enough rifles to put them on.
I've had my eye on these for some time. Don't nobody have nothing bad to say? heh heh

Howdy y'all, I am new here.
I would have been scared to ask about this scope for fear of being chastized by all of you better/expensive scope owners. . .but since the question was asked. . .

In the 10x, there is the side focus or rear focus choice. Is it worth the extra hundred for rear focus? If so, why?

Also, how would Springfield Armory rate if one were looking for a decent fixed power tactical scope in the $300 range?
Vern, gosh, I'm blushing, but thanks for your kind words. The scope I mentioned is sold pending funds.

Last poster, I've not owned/used the side focus version, but I've seen several comments indicating that the more expensive version is not worth the extra cost, nor is it the equal of the rear parallax adjustment version. I'd suggest you save the money and get the latter. Having the parallax there is very handy, just as convenient in my experience as the third knob. Both of which are WAY superior to reaching out and twisting the objective lens setup per most A/O designs.

from what I have read, The original SS were 10X Side focus. These are the ones that were made for the military...The original ones were supposedly very very good...but I do not think the ones being made today, are the same...

Regardless, SS is not the best choice for a "SNIPER" whose life may depend on this scope, but for us ordinary people who like to shoot at long ranges, it works great.

PS. I had a 20X that I used off and on for 2 years, just sold it (Prefer Adj.) for almost as much I paid for it...
Tasco used to make the SS series of scopes. Then Tasco went under, and SWFA (apparently) bought the rights to these scopes, and is still having them made in much the same (identical?) fashion.

I've only used the Tasco SS version, and found them to be an outstanding value for the money. FWIW, if you are looking for a 10x version, then check SWFA's 'closeout/demo' webpage. There was a Tasco-made version for about $219 last time I looked, in new-in-the-original-box condition. (The box is not much to write home about, just non-descript white...)
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