Sunday success


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Mar 13, 2003
Southern Wisconsin
We watched this fella from 8 o clock Sat. morning until dark Sat. evening. He had a doe out in the middle of a picked corn field that he wasn't letting go anywhere. The only problem was they were right on the crest of a hill with no safe backstop.imagestation

Sunday morning we were back at it. I spotted a doe in the same field just off a fenceline shortly after legal shooting time. About the same time I saw the buck laying next to her my partners 13 year old son touched off a round that found his first buck. At the shot my buck stood up. I tried to range him but couldn't get a reading so I ranged the front of woods on the other side of the fenceline at 478 yds. he was another 50-75 yds. out.imagestation
So I dialed up 9.5 MOA for 550 yds. and touched one off, he dropped right where he stood. That was by far my longest shot to date. It was hard to tell who was happier me or my friends 13 yr. old. Here is a picture of both deer.imagestation

This one must have been the dumbest buck in the state. I was hunting a farm that is pretty wide open so I decided that I'd wait until it was light enogh to shoot before driving in. As I pulled into the access road alond the west fenceline I noticed a dark clump in the road about 100 ahead. Took a look through the binocs and sure enough it's a deer. So as I open the truck door he stands up and looks straight at me. He watches as I put on my blaze orange, get my gun out of the case, lay down on the ground, level up the bipod, and shoot his dumb butt.imagestation

The first one is a 10 pt with a 16" inside spread, the second is a 9pt with a 20" inside spread. The 9 pt came one week after the 10 pt at almost exactly the same time in the morning, 3 minutes earlier.

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Congratulations. Two fine looking animals and good shooting too.

The harvest around here is pretty sparse this year. I hunted the first 5 days and saw two doe. Your side of the pond must be doing better. Do you think that the CWD scare of the past few years has reduced hunting pressure helping the herd or do you just have a real honey hole?
I'm actually hunting in one of Wisconsins eradication zones. The hunting pressure there does seem to be down, but I'm not sure if it's because of CWD or because there are fewer deer there and the hunters are heading up north to up their odds.

I'm just sitting at the intersection of 2 fencelines. To the east about 500 yds is a small 7 acre woods, to the west about 800 yds is a 12-15 acre woods. North of me about 3/4 of a mile is a chunk of woods that must be about 150-175 acres (several diff. owners), and to the south is 40 acres of setaside with waist high grass.

It's pretty wide open, but the deer either come down the fencelines or they cross the open feilds in between, both options work for me.
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