Suggestions on new layering system


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Apr 23, 2011
Southeast PA
I’ve been wearing insulated Field & Stream camo for years and it’s served me well. Pretty warm on sits, but really sweaty on stalks and walks. I hunt the hills of northeastern PA and walks aren’t always easy.
I have a pair good under armor base layer that I want to keep. What I want is a mid layer that will be my outer layer during warmer temps/early season, and an outer layer for long sits in the cold. Temps can be up to 70* during early bow and feet of snow during late rifle season when im
Sitting. That middle layer will get a workout, as I do like to walk around. So flexibility and durability are a must. Here’s a synopsis:
Base layer: Got it.
Mid layer: wind stopping, durable, flexible, water proof/resistant; leaning towards Kuiu attack pants for the bottoms, AFTCO reaper hoodie on top. I need to find a jacket to replace the Reaper if it’s going to be wet, as the Aftco is not waterproof.
Outer layer: warmth. Will only be wearing when it’s cold out. Needs to be easily removed.

If it helps, I’m 5’6”, 42wx29L. looking for suggestions and experiences. Thank you!


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Mar 24, 2020
Left Coast
I have full Kuiu and would recommend doing something similar. They definitely designed their clothing with influence from the hiking and outdoors community which I find hugely beneficial for my application, which is mostly hiking but also sitting to predator call. I also like having multiple options and layers depending on the scenario and weather. My mid layer is the Peloton 97 (a little lighter than the 240 mentioned above), and usually have my Kenai Ultra over that for warmth. Synthetic down alternatives are more water resistant than traditional down and so they can be made with fabric which is more breathable. If I need and additional layer, I have a soft shell (Axis Hybrid) or the hard shell (Northridge) to match the conditions.

Pants wise I am big fan of the Kuiu Pro's because they are padded and my knee is garbage and I can't afford to injure it. They also have some hybrid options which are soft shell but have taped seams in the butt and knees in case you are sitting or kneeling in dew or heavy moisture. I have had the Attack pants and they were good, but I somewhat of a compromise to make them an all around option. I like having more dedicated gear, but of course that comes with extra cost.


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