NEW: KUIU 5200 ICON PRO complete system for sale


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Dec 26, 2010
This is very similar to the PRO 6000 full kit which is currently retailing for $569

The huge spotter scope zip pouch right on the back > confirmed it holds my 85mm Vortex Razor HD and Summit SS tripod! < good lord maybe I shouldn't sell it lol

Pack, Pro harness, Reg size Carbon frame and a RAIN COVER are included - weight approx. 6lbs - yes it has the load sling bridge straps too

KUIU has a life time warranty

Shipped $469

p.s. only selling because it's been sitting in my garage while I run two other packs I can't seem to retire.

For those worried about what it can hold - I downloaded my gear from my other pack - and this pack had room to spare. Now I'll admit I do have a lot of experience in the mountains and packing for a trip but I really didn't try hard to get the following items into it...and strapped my rifle to the side.

mountain star 2P tent, Western Mountaineering sleeping bag, Jet Boil, MSR 4L bladder half full, MSR Miniworks EX, 85mm spotting scope/with tripod, rain gear, down pants and jacket, next to skin top and bottom, emergency kit, inReach SE, head lamp, gloves and hat, orange vests, kill kit (caribou wapiti size) TP and baby wipes - 120 ct (bunch of small items too) - plus food for nine days (that include bfast, lunch and dinner) most items were in waterproof compression stuff sacks as well and the load felt great on my back too.

Bino's, kestrel, CRF and 6 cartridges ride in my chest harness.


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