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Mar 10, 2006
7WSM by Kevin Rayhill at Stockade.
Rebuilt and Blueprinted savage safari long action
Custom built bolt body
New Bolt Head
Custom Recoil Lug
Custom tactical bolt handle
Sharpshooter supply trigger
Woodchuck money saver stock, bedded and finished with black alumihyde II
26" Aluminum tension barrel w/ muzzle brake

All work done by Kevin.
Amazing shooter.
$1900 shipped
Here's a link to my previous posts w/pics:

The muzzle break is not as dark as it looks in the pic of the barrel. It is the color of a normal stainless barrel. The aluminum tensioning shroud over the barrel is a bit lighter . The contrast is not as great as it looks in the pic.


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Resonable offers considered.
This is truly a tack driver with alot of fine gunsmithing.
Can you send more pics to ryan_flies82 at hotmail.com I take it no glass or anything? Also whats the weight on the gun?
I'll post some more pics tomorrow.

It also comes with a 0MOA Ken Farrel G-Force base.

The rifle with the base is 9lbs.
It's actually the bolt body.
Just didn't think of that word when I wrote the ad.
I'm changing it now.
I was just curious. I know some people drill and tap the BAS for a set screw as part of a bolt lift kit and to set firing pin pre-load. I haven't seen one before and was hoping that's what you were talking about.

That's a great looking rifle. Kevin's a great smith. Hope it sells fast.
Thanks ,
Kevin did put a bearing in the back of the bolt assembly and timed the action and fire pin assembly. He may also have set the preload.
That is above my area of expertise!

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