Steyr HS-50-M1 50BMG Repeater (12.7X99 NATO)


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Aug 21, 2017
Once again I have come to that point where life throws you a curve ball having been diagnose with a medical condition and may be having limited time to live, I'm planning on ticking most of my Dream hunt to do list and in the end give life a big fight by staying happy during most of this hunts I'm selling this to fund a Big game hunt either in New Zealand or the safari that said
This is a Steyr HS 50 well know in the long range shooting world and has been used by many to out shoot the rest. This is also the M1 version meaning it is fed by a detachable 5 round box magazine of 50 BMG. The shorter barrel cuts down on the weight of the rifle and the easy take down allows the rifle to be carried easily between two people.. This rifle includes the following: 1. Styer HS 50 M1 Kurtz (MSRP $7400) 2. 3 (Three) Magazines (MSRP $400 each) 3. SWAF SS HD 10X42 Tactical 30mm Scope (MSRP $850) 4. Steyr branded Pelican type rolling transport case with foam cut inserts for easy transport with take down tool and manual. I have only shot a 5 rounds through it for function. This rifle is basically new Thanks for looking! I'm asking a Fair price of $6000 for everything


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