1. Hunt_4life

    First two man sniper match what should I bring?

    This weekend I have my first two man sniper match (this is my first centerfire match) and I am wanting to know what people all carry with them. There will be lots of walking and targets out to 1400 yd. I have the normal stuff, gun, ammo, bags, binos, range finder, spotter, tripod, hard data, and...
  2. S

    1 Of A Kind - NEW FULL Custom Sniper Rifle 6.5CM, OC - **CHEAP**

    Make: A-Team Precision's 1 Of a Kind featured rifle Model: A-Team Precision with Curtis Custom Action Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor Location (city or county): Lake Forest OC Guns Price: $5000 - NOW $4500- $3500 4TH OF JULY SPECIAL Open to offers Will ship (Y/N): On your dime Other info: -Curtis...
  3. BigBuck74

    NIghtforce NXS 3.5-15x50 Velocity 1000 LV.5 Zero Stop MOA #C393

    **I have had a lot of interest in just the rifle, so if you are interested in making me an offer on just the scope, please feel free** It is a remarkable set up, everything new. It is a unfired in the original box Remington 700 Police sniper .308 rifle from 1993mnf.. These early rifles are...
  4. RIGOR

    BERGARA B14- Terminator muzzle brake

    TERMINATOR MUZZLE BRAKES ARE EVERYTHING THEY SAY THEY ARE. Recoil mitigation in long range shooting is an importantant factor to consider so i did my homework. Hearing protection non negotiable
  5. D

    Steyr HS-50-M1 50BMG Repeater (12.7X99 NATO)

    Once again I have come to that point where life throws you a curve ball having been diagnose with a medical condition and may be having limited time to live, I'm planning on ticking most of my Dream hunt to do list and in the end give life a big fight by staying happy during most of this hunts...
  6. BigBuck74


    Up for sale is a McMillan M40-A1 .308 Win Custom Marine Sniper Rifle. It was built by Gruning Precision out of CA and distributed through Merlyn Rifleworks who was a contract builder using Gruning. The rifle is built on a accurized Winchester 70 action, has a tuned custom trigger breaks at...
  7. H

    custom barrel maker in virginia

    Hello LRH community, this is my first post ever on a forum. Some friends told me I needed to get into the computer age so here it goes. I live in Va and used to build custom cabinetry, I started building guns and knives in the early 90s as a hobby, when I hurt my back in 08 I needed to get out...
  8. B

    Bullseye Camera System at the International Sportsmen Exposition in CA this weekend.

    Bullseye Camera Systems is proud to be demonstrating this new exciting system at the ISE show in Sacramento, CA - we are there through this weekend. Been a great show and people are very excited about the system. If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello! Bullseye Camera Systems -...