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Jun 8, 2017
Up for sale is a McMillan M40-A1 .308 Win Custom Marine Sniper Rifle. It was built by Gruning Precision out of CA and distributed through Merlyn Rifleworks who was a contract builder using Gruning. The rifle is built on a accurized Winchester 70 action, has a tuned custom trigger breaks at 1.8lbs, 24" Kreiger #6 Barrel 1-12" R twist, Vais Muzzle-brake, and meticulously bedded into a McMillan M40 HTG stock, with adjustable Cheek rest and flush floor plate bottom metal. Gruning Precision builds contract weapons for tactical teams, Local SWAT and law enforcement, as well as PRS competition. This rifle will exceed all your expectations with Factory Federal Gold match ammo in 168 & 175gr. It will acheive under .5 MOA. There are less than 150 rounds through the gun. I just don't shoot it much. It comes with Nightforce steel bases, and I will include the Harris Bi-pod with full price offer

Asking $1500.00 Shipped

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It is a 1911 which by design (atleast in my opinion) is a push feed gun. With the short action and automatic functio. I think contrilled round feed is hard to achieve. But Wilson tends to differ on this opinion. This gun has a colt mag which would lead me to say push feed. But to be honest i dont have an answer to this as many 1911 fan boys dont. I know this gun has shot wad cutters and round nose as well as hollow point defense ammo with out an issue.