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Jun 12, 2001
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The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

This is the signature line I use on the special forces forum.

The gunslinger starts off the novels in great fighting shape but as time goes by he is banged up and cut up and just barely functional but his great qualities of relentless determination to finish the task he has voluntarily begun coupled with a personal code of honor expressed by "remember the face of your father" is a reminder that it is not always our physical well being that is the most important component of our lives.
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You doing okay? No lobster like creature took your trigger finger, did it? I sure hope not cause I want you in tip top shape in case I ever make it to quantico for f-class.
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Am I doing OK? Thats a funny question for anybody over 60 YO.

About 10-15 years ago I fell and tore my left shoulder. I discovered by working with 15-20# dumbbells four to five days a week that I could strengthen the muscles and tendons enough that I could draw my bow again and do everything I needed without any pain at night. So when my son decided to go into the army he asked me to buy him a set of heavy weights for him to work with. Last summer, I went outside one morning to work with my weights and I noticed his laying under the porch so I decided to try his. Well, as any body who works with weights knows, that just wasn't the best idea of the day. Afterwards my wife told me I had two choices, go and get cut on and have everything sown back together and not go elk hunting or to go elk hunting and risk dying if I killed an elk and things went wrong while wresting it around. So with the choice being between getting cut on by some fool with a knife or going elk hunting, my decision was easy to make. Now that hunting season is over I guess I have got to make an appointment to get myself repaired.

I am thinking about going down to Butner in March if my son has the weekend off and wants to shoot. If he wants to bring a buddy with him to shoot then I might not actually shoot myself but merely offer my usual sage critique of their shooting skills. I will not know until he knows what his schedule is

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Buffalobob, sorry to hear about your injury. They can work wonders with laparoscopy hopefully that's a possibility. Hope you make a complete and quick recovery. Let your son know I appreciate and thank him for his service.
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+1 (chas1)For thanking your son! And hoping your shoulder heals quickly and completely.
Loved the quote and how you read into it. Are you a preacher? If not maybe you should consider it....... Id drive many miles to here a sermon on ''inner strength, drive, and personal code of honor , coupled with God given skills of superb marksmenship'' I like the sound of that.
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