Starting Fresh


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Nov 18, 2017
If you were starting fresh on reloading for long range precision shooting what would you buy? That is press, dies, scale, trimmers , etc.


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Mar 17, 2014
Any single stage will make accurate ammo. The key is diagnosing problems with in the system and fixing it.
The same with any die.
Scales can be faulty, so a scale should be vetted with a known accurate standard.
Trimmers can measure off of different areas of the brass, so they can vary in accuracy depending on brass quality, and how well brass springs back after sizing and certain ones use the case rim to anchor to the trimmer and depending on brass quality, it can vary the case length.

With all that said, I like my CO-AX
I like bushing dies, and I also like collet and body dies. I use the Hornady new dimension seater, without the micro adjust, because i buy one for a individual rifle, so once set up it never gets changed.
I like my 5-0-5 scale, it does it’s job well, admittedly I had trouble with it drifting, but diagnoses and remedy fixed it.
I don’t have any trouble with my Hornady trimmer, but it leaves a lot to be desired, I use the best quality brass I can find so it helps with the faulty design.
The best advice I can give, is buy the best rifle and brass you can afford, then get diagnostic tools like a good crony, and a concentricity gauge like the RCBS case master, which is what I have.
Anneal often and effectively, debur flasholes, then you can make any set up work for you.
I can use my Rockchucker and standard RCBS dies and make ammo as good as I can with my CO-AX and expensive dies, I know this, because I do so often.


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Sep 24, 2016
Frankfort, Ky
Hard to add to gohring3006's precisely accurate reply so I'll just list the items on my bench. They are as follows:

Lee Classic Cast press (2)
Redding Match Bushing Full Dies
Decapper Die
Hornady Lock N Load scale
GemPro 250 scale (for checking)
Forster Original Lathe Case Trimmer
Forster Coax Case Inspector
Larry Willis Headspace Gauge
Hornady Comparator Set
Redding Primer Pocket Uniformer
K&M Flash-hole Deburring Tool
RCBS VLD Deburring Tool
Imperial Dry Neck Lube
Lapua Brass
......and finally just a plain 'ole Caldwell Chronograph.
Haven't added an annealer yet, but currently salivating over a couple.:rolleyes:


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Dec 12, 2017
Shawnee OK
I like my Redding T7 Turret press so I don't have to keep swapping out die. Like the Lee decapper die, RCBS Chargemaster and my most recent, Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Prep and Trim Center. Lapua of course with mix of redding and rcbs die.