squeezing the most out of my 300 wm

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    Dec 18, 2011
    I have a 1917 sporter. The 300 wm barrel on it now its like a #2 or #3 24" . What kind of velocity could I get out of her with a 30-32" barrel ? . Going to get my action cerakoted black and jewel the bolt And I have to get a straight bolt handle! It hits my nuckles. But its a fun rifle don't think I could go back to cock on opening lol. Only way i I know of stocking it is mpi but 800$ is a lot to me for a stock. It has sporter stock on it of some origin but its to thin to relieve for a heavy palma . The for end width at the tip it narrower than a marlin m60 . So I thought about getting a surplus stock and carving in out . They look pretty thick ....and ugly