300 Wm off to the Smith


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Feb 7, 2008
Sonoma County, CA
So, the throat in my Remmy 300 WM went to crap. At the end, I was getting .010 throat erosion for about every 20-25 rounds. I chased it out for a couple hundred but ran out of magazine length. Anyway, I've had this new Broughton 5C sitting in the safe just waiting for a few more bucks to make it happen. Today was the day. It's on its way to Kevin for some TLC. Now if I could just get over the $35 Fed Ex charged to get it there.
I just dropped my Rem 700 300win off with Jim at Center Shot Rifle. The gun was all factory. I'm having a Brux #4 barrel with interrupted fluting put on it, B+C Medalist stock along with blue print the action, trigger job, wyatts box mag.......
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