spotting scope help


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Feb 16, 2003
South Dakota
been searching for a spotter and it is driving me nuts!

i need to resolve bullet holes to 400 yards, and more is better (but 400 is a start). mostly for range work, so size/weight are not factors. need to keep price below $450.

these are what i've narrowed it to:
nikon xl
nikon realtree outfit
sightron 20-50x63
b&l elite 15-45x60
cabela's big sky

can someone help me out? i can't afford better glass, and saving is not realistic (be 2 more years at least)...

any help?

I have the Nikon sky and earth 15x45 spotter.
I have had no problems seeing 6.5 caliber holes out to 400 and out to 600 with shoot and see targets. I haven't tried with white paper at 600 but am going to try tomorrow at the range if things work out.
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