Spin drift

Michael Eichele

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Jan 6, 2003
The rifle range, or archery range or behind the co
Hey guys,

I am currently working on a better way to calculate spin drift, however I dont have a wide variety of rifles and such so I was wondering if I could get some test info from some of you who know how much spin drift you get. Info and calibers critical to the formula would be:

1. Caliber
2. Twist rate
3. Bullet legnth
4. Velocity used
5. Apmospheric conditions at time of test.
6. Geographic location
7. Direction of fire (ie: north to south ect...)
8. Amount of detected drift.

Need info from 7mm, 30, and 338 "Magnum" users ie 300 win,ultra, short, ect..(to 1000 yards if possible.

50 BMG and/or 408 CT (to 2000 yards if possible

Have plenty of 308 info

Maybe 243, 223 6mm and 6.5 also. Also to 1k if possible

Any help would be usefull and appreaciated. Even if you dont have some of the data but have some of the other, thats good too. Thanx in advance for the help!

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
I'm a little confused (normal state some say).

You ask for geographic location and direction of fire. Are you looking to remove the effects of Coriolis (if any) from the spin drift (Magnus) deflection?

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