Sometimes "Old School" really works good

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Several months ago Rich Mertz (MOA Corporation) told me about his grip attachment which completely reduces cant. I told him I would give it a try with a my 15" MOA for the light pistol class (weight under 7.5 pounds).
    I wouldn't be using a traditional rear bag, and I didn't want to just rest the grip attachment on the table, so my mind went to the Bower Rest. I had not used it for awhile, but it was in my reloading room. When my MOA got done (6.5x47L) I went and got the rest and noticed two things:
    One, the main base had warped.
    Two, the back part that supports the grip was to narrow to work with the new attachment.
    I called Marc Sheehan and told him of predicament.
    He started preparing a larger piece of wood.
    Now what to do?

    Jim Hendershot (Shots TC's) Items had sent me one of his rest some time ago to give it a run and he had made up a Bower type set-up, besides being able to use traditional sandbags.
    Using the Bower type set-up I shot my new MOA handgun with Jim's rest and this was the result:
    The wood in the back was also too narrow to use with the grip attachment from Rich. But if I was real careful it would work.
    While I was still waiting for the wood I began to wonder if I could fit a wood top to my NEO rest and use it. I would need a separate block that was taller than anything I had and I was really looking for a one piece rest. I tried it that was after some modification, but was not pleased with the result.
    My shorter joystick was still too long-Back to the drawing board.
    Marc's larger piece of wood with sandpaper was all ready to go and I fitted it to Marc's Bower Rest.
    The base had warped enough that I was not pleased that I could get everything level-RATS!

    Since I had shot so good with Jim's rest I decided to give it another try.
    I took Marc's new piece of wood and screwed it into the original piece of wood Jim had for his rest and took it out and used it on steel with good success.
    It was decided- I was going to use Jim's modified Deluxe Pistol Rest for Light Gun at the MOA Match.
    This would surprise some folks since I used the NEO Rest last year.
    Sort of going "old school" by using wood and sandpaper.
    I was fortunate to win the 500 yard Light Gun Class with this set-up (6.5x47L MOA).
    I think the thing that really pleased me about the ability of the rest was at 1000 yards I shot a 5-shot group on Friday afternoon (My first group of three 5-shot groups) that measured 5 1/4 inches.
    This is my best 5-shot group to date at a 1000 yard match and I accomplished it with one of Rich's MOA's (6.5-284), a Sightron S-3 6-24, and Jim Hendershot's Deluxe Pistol Rest (slightly modified).
    This is earlier. I used the 6.5x47L for 500 and 750 yards.
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    Feb 28, 2002
    I had plans to be there Ernie but like plans of mice and men. Everyone wanted to take vacation at the same time. Will be giving you a call if the phone lines are back up and running.