Sometimes missing isnt the worst of your problems.


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Feb 8, 2009
There can always be that lil ole hidden creepy crawly lurkin around. I found this lil she devil after I missed my target and put an arrow through the bucket that I rest my target on.



Dude!!! Are black widows common in your neck of the woods? I'd be freaking out and gasing that little girl in a heart beat.
No mate- thats probably why i got it wrong then :) im from blighty, all we get here are sheep with attitude- little fluffy teasers :)

any idea what 8 legged foot pizza it was then???

So that's how ya catch 'em. A bucket set!

What do they taste like, how do you cook 'em and how many for a meal?

Is that little red mark you personal brand or is it from an adjacent ranch?

I'm hiring out next spring to brand a fella's honey bees. That red mark would be a nifty technique. Hows it done?:D

Cheeeesssseeeehhhh what a boring day. Too hot to either shoot or hunt.:rolleyes:
How bout them fiddler spiders(brown recluse) do you have any of them? They are a wicked little one also and quite aggresive.

I work out in the gas fields and kill 10-15 black widows every day. They get in the buildings around the wellheads and anywhere else out of the weather. I like the spiders a little better than the rattlesnakes though!
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