SOLD/EXPIRED **SOLD**Savage 7WSM PacNor Barrel


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Jan 28, 2005
San Antonio Texas

Savage Stainless ultramag action barreled with SS fluted PacNor Super Match 7WSM barrel 30 inch with Titanium muzzle brake. Glass bedded into Boyd's laminate thumbhole stock with timney trigger set to 3lbs. Sporting a Ken Farrel 1 piece 20MOA base. Included are 200 magnum primers, 50rds assorted brass, 1lb rl22 powder and Redding comp dies (retail $232 at midway)
Also included Vector Optics First Focal Plane Ill. mil dot 10-40 power long range scope. (no rings included) $1400 shipped. I know this is a lot for a Savage but check out the price breakdown.
Savage Action $300 used
Boyd's Thumbhole Stock $150
Timney Trigger $100
Pacor Brl $450
Titanium Muzzle Brake $200
Ken Farrel Mount $ 90
Dies $232
Scope $300

total $1822
plus scope, powder, brass and primers






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Re: Savage 7WSM PacNor Barrel

:Dthe price is not too bad, really. Especially if it comes with the GOOD brass and TIHS brass...:D

Seriously though, nice rig. It will make someone quite happy I'm sure. An all stainless semi-custom 7wsm ready to go.

How much has it been shot? Looks like new...

That pac-nor barrel is no joke folks, I have one too in 7wsm and its very nice, very easy to clean. 1:9 twist I assume?

Very best of luck, I'm sure this won't be around long!!

PS Keep in mind, individuals can't ship the primers & powder.
Re: Savage 7WSM PacNor Barrel

I was hoping you would miss that on the brass bag. Ha. I sorted the brass by weight. The bag labeled "TIHS" is the brass that is over or under average weight. Yeah, it shoots great. 88 rounds fired. and 1-9 twist thanks for the heads up on powder and primer shipping. Here are a few better pics with the mount and scope in place... still no rings included....


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