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SOLD/EXPIRED **Sold** New Brux Chambered in 7 Rem Mag


Dec 5, 2007
Central North Carolina
I started this and the customer changed his mind to another caliber. It is a new Brux, Remington Varmit contour. It is non fluted. It has not been cut off and crowned yet. It can be as long as 27 inches. It has a Stiller .187 tapered recoil lug with it. This is a deal for someone. It can be yours, cut off and crowned to length for 400.00 dollars. The barrel alone is 350.00. I will put your action on and set the headspace for 50.00. Thanks Dan

Can't seem to get pics to download. Will try later
Re: New Brux Chanbered in 7 Rem Mag

Trying to post pics. Dan


  • new 7mm rm barrel 002.jpg
    new 7mm rm barrel 002.jpg
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  • new 7mm rm barrel 003.jpg
    new 7mm rm barrel 003.jpg
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  • new 7mm rm barrel 001.jpg
    new 7mm rm barrel 001.jpg
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