SOLD/EXPIRED ***SOLD*** GA Precision Hospitaller in 308


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May 2, 2012
Cody, WY
I am selling a like new GA Precision Hospitaller in 308. I purchased the rifle NEW from GAP late October 2012. It is only 4 month old! I have only taken the rifle out to the range three times. There have been only 200 rounds down the pipe. The rifle is in immaculate condition - near flawless. The ONLY wear on the rifle is on the mag-well from inserting mags and some slight rubbing in the bolt's Cerakote from the 200 rounds fired.

I painted the stock and barreled action with Krylon Ultra Flat (Sand Arena) Camo paint. It turned out great. Underneath, the black Cerakote on the barreled action is flawless. I did NOT paint the rifle in order to cover up any imperfections - I shoot mostly in desert environments and tan is more fitting for the upcoming hot summer temperatures.

The rifle has **currently** not been fired since painting - although that is likely to change. I know that many of you don't care, but before painting, I had the area behind the ejection port covered with electrical tape - there is ZERO brass rash on the action.

I know most of you know what this is already, but I'll spec it out so there's no question about what is included here.

GA Precision Hospitaller - 308 - Manners T4A - Mini Chassis - Surgeon 591 SA - Bartlein
  • Surgeon 591 Short Action - "Pineapple" tactical bolt knob - integral 20 MOA picatinny base - integral recoil lug - side bolt release
  • Bartlein SS Barrel - 24" - GAP #7 contour - fluted - 5R 1:11 twist
  • Built by Ray Lawler
  • Manners T4A - Badger Mini Chassis - KMW adjustable cheek piece - 4 flush cups (2 left and 2 bottom) - Badger picatinny rail
  • 3 AICS magazines (two 5 rd. / one 10 rd.)
  • Trigger tuned to a crisp 2.5 lbs
  • Pachmayer Decelerator installed at 13.5 inches
  • Lug bedded with Marine-tex
  • Barreled action Cerakoted flat black
  • Painted "Sand Arena" with Krylon (only non-factory work)
  • S.O. Tech Skid Plate (doesn't play well with the Krylon)


PRICES: (willing to split up rifle and optic, but accessories are only included in a package deal)
- $ 4300 for the Rifle
- $ 3150 for the S&B
- $ 7750 for the Rifle, S&B 3-20, Tab Sling, and Atlas Bipod

TERMS: Free overnight Shipping. First public "I'll Take It" wins*.
PAYMENT: MO, Cashier's Check, Cert. Check, PayPal gift, PayPal (+ 3.5%), CC (+3.9%)
TRADES: DTA Gen II Conversions (308, 260, 338). Others considered - the worst I can do is say "no thanks".

Pictures of current rifle (after painting):

[pics coming]

pics of the rifle (before painting):

[pics coming]

THANK YOU for your interest.






*NOTE: this rifle is listed on gunbroker. All snipershide public posts and PMs will take precedence over the GB auction. As long as the auction hasn't gone over my reserve, snipershide takes precedence!

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