SMKs were effective on Alabama whitetails this season


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May 14, 2003
First, thanks to those here who helped me decide to use the same bullet hunting that I used for exterminating nuisance critters and for paper punching with my .300WSM, the 190gr SMK.

Total whitetail count is 8; 3 are mine, 3 by my brother-in-law and 2 by a guest hunter. All were more or less broadside. All were taken with 1 bullet each. One was through both shoulders, one entry through 1 shoulder and exit behing the other, and the remainder were through the rib heart-lung. The closest was aprox 30 yds, the longest 399 yds. Farthest distance travelled after shot was aprox 40yds. All bullets exitted. Who could ask for better?

I also killed a very large game chasing dog during this season.
How often does it need to be said, SMK's are not for hunting.
Ruff, glad to here your season went well, how big was the exit holes on the shots up close. I didn't pursue the SMK's this year due to C.O.L problem but Chris Matthew's will fix that problem.
Add 2 more whitetail does to my Match King total, both taken on closing day 31 Jan. Since I had not brained one this season I had to do one more hunt.

As the 2 browsed the green field together, I brained the first one at 64 yds, then took the second as she stopped at the far edge and turned broadside, just shy of 210 yds. She ran an incredible 80 yds (estimated) with her heart and bottom of lungs destroyed.

MagManiac, all exits have been larger enough to put 3 fingers in except for the one through both shoulders. That one was still at least an inch across.

Match Kings were not designed with performance on game as a a criteria but seem to work as well as any hunting bullet I have ever used, though the SMK has a better BC and for me is more accurate. Quite some time ago I had 2 190 gr HPBT match bullets fired from a .300 WinMag that could have been Hornady or Sierra fail to exit on whitetails at fairly short range, but for nearly a year I have had complete pass-throughs on hogs, deer, cats, and dogs. It deserves mentioning that the 2 failures to exit years ago resulted in instant kills, so as the old question goes: Do you want a bullet to kill them or make them easy to track?
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