Sleeping Bag Help

A few guys already mentioned it. Buy below the rating. The rating is for keeping you alive, not comfortable. Learned that the hard way.
I have the NEMO disco 15. It has a ton of room in it. I got the long. I'm 6'4" and 210#. I think it would fit a guy 270# easy. Just got it last year and used it in temps in the mid 20* range. I thought since it was rated for 15* I could sleep in my shorts and t-shirt. I got cold! As stated it will keep you alive but not comfortable. 2nd night I put on a hoodie and I was warm
Realizing this is an older thread, but if anyone is still looking, I've used Wiggy's sleeping bags for years. I bought my first one when I was in the military and needed something better and lighter than what my unit issued and never looked back... after I bought mine the unit decided to buy them for all our teams.

6'7" and 230. The long and wide Kifaru Slick bag in 0 degree fill is a great bag for me. If they are on sale, I may look at grabbing another. If October rifle hunting in CO, I am happy to pack a bit of extra bag weight to be very warm in a synthetic bag.